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Arays -Men's Reflective Webbing Running Shoes Green Art

Arays -Men's Reflective Webbing Running Shoes Green Art

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【Type】Mesh cloth, for men, All-over Printing. Two custom-made separately. Black and white two colors.    
【Product description】Specially designed running shoes for sports men, with light, wear-resistant, anti-slip characteristics, suitable for various sports occasions. The shoe body and the inside of the high quality net cloth, not stuffy feet, more breathable. Shoe body and heel webbing for reflective strip webbing, very cool. Oval LACES, steady insole and MD rubber and plastic soles provide a comfortable feel for your feet, stylish and functional, so that you can enjoy your sports time.
【Applicable situation】Daily, gym, sports, walking, hiking, exercise, etc.
【Target user】For men.
【Sizes】US6, US7, US7.5, US8, US8.5, US9, US9.5, US10, US10.5, US11, US11.5, US12.
【Washing notice】Regular cleaning shoes, with a wet cloth gently wipe (pay attention not to use too much water), dirt more places can be squeezed some toothpaste on the top, and then clean with a toothbrush, clean should wipe the vamp, do not use the brush fierce brush, after cleaning to dry in a cool and ventilated place, not in the sun! Wrap your shoes in paper towels after washing to keep them clean and secure.

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